About Amnah Malik

I am primarily self taught and have previously opted for private commissions as I juggled motherhood and a role at an Insight specialist in the financial sector. With a masters in Economics and a long standing career, art previously was an interest supported by specialist courses at Central St Martin’s that generated a side income. In the last year I have decided to make it my full time career.

When I paint my aim is to bring coherence to a complex and multifaceted world where we have many hats. My work is primarily influenced by nature, spirituality, Islamic geometry, psychotherapy, and it’s about bridging all the different parts of myself and the roles I play until what is left is whole-istic. I work in many mediums – acrylics, watercolours and oils. I also paint ceramics and furniture. I believe every object has a core of beauty that is looking to be realised thus purchase ceramics and furniture from charity shops and give them a new lease of life. I’m interested in the notion of perfection and imperfection and am drawn to the relationship between patterns – maybe a reflection of the complexity of life and how all things coexist within us, and make sense.